Hot Springs Cove….Again

Ramsay Hot Springs. I’ve been here before, but it was well worth the return. Plus, it had been almost 2 weeks since my last shower. It was a two night anchorage as I planned a rest day here also. The first night I went in at 9pm and got the place all to myself, which is mostly a lucky break. I got to do a bit of au natural. The second night there were a group of hikers partying at the springs which made it not quite so serene, so that was a quick shower and soak. No matter, I had my time.

Note: You really don’t want to visit the springs between 8am and 6pm because the Tofino tour operators are bringing in hordes of people on tour boats during this time, with their cell phones and what not. (Unless you’re into that sort of thing.) The hot springs just aren’t that big and can only comfortably accommodate maybe 6- 8 people before it starts to feel crowded. Bring your boat and anchor out or camp so you can go early in the morn or late at night.

Ramsay Hot Springs

Pedro gets a Bath and yes, then a Shave.


Hot Springs Cove

And a Shower.

Hot Springs Cove

The Crevasce of Pools.

Hot Springs Cove

The View in the Other Direction.

2 Comments on “Hot Springs Cove….Again

  1. how is it you know just when to pop up to relieve my angst?   who is that grey bearded guy you are taking pictures of?   good to see you still have your nose.   good sailing thru the straight,. check in when you are able, love and luck and ability to you.  Mom. miss you

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