Adventure & Nautical Books & Movies

The winter months in the Northwest can be chilly and rainy with short daylight hours. Reading is a good wintertime activity and I have spent many hours tucked away in the v-berth staying warm and literate. Her is a smidgen of what I can recall over the years, most checked out from the local library.

Nautical Books

Bruce Bingham – The Sailor’s Sketchbook

John Vigor – Twenty Small Sailboats to Take You Anywhere.

Tristan Jones – Ice!, The Incredible Voyage, Adrift

Clifford Warren Ashley – The Ashley Book of Knots

Harlan Hubbard – Shantyboat: A River Way of Life

Farley Mowat – The Boat Who Wouldn’t Float

John Bockstoce – Artic Passages

Anthony Brandt – The Man Who Ate His Boots

Erskine Childers – The Riddle in the Sands

Bruce Henderson – True North: Perry, Cook and the Race to the North Pole

George Michelson Foy – Run the Storm

Peter Clutterbuck – The Sea Takes No Prisoners

Hal Roth – Two Against Cape Horn; How to Sail Around the World; We Followed Odysseus

Lin and Larry Pardey – Cruising in Serraffyn; The Self Sufficient Sailor, The Capable Cruiser; The Care and Feeding of Sailing Crew; Taleisin’s Tales; Serraffyn’s Mediterranean Adventure

Bernard Moitessier – Cape Horn: the Logical Route; The Long Way;  Sailing to the Reefs; Tamara and the Alliance

Joshua Slocum – Sailing Alone Around the World

Earnest Shackleton – South! The Story Of Shackleton’s Last Adventure 1914-1917

Robert Manry – Tinkerbelle

Robin Lee Graham – Dove

Thor Heyerdahl – Kon Tiki

Rob Mundle – Fatal Storm

David Seidman – The Complete Sailor

Robin Knox-Johnson – On Sailing

David de Rothschild – Plastiki

Richard Maury – The Saga of Cimba

Michael J. Tougias – Overboard

Tom Lochhaas – Suddenly Overboard

Lars Hassler – Occupation Circumnavigation

Les Weatheritt – Your First Atlantic Crossing

Pete Goss – Close to the Wind

Mary Trimble – Sailing With Impunity

David Cowper – Northwest Passage Solo

Cameron Dueck – The New Northwest Passage

Steven Callahan – Adrift, 76 days Lost at Sea

Jonathan Franklin – 438 Days

Gore Vidal – Williwaw

Richard Henry Dana Jr. – Two Years Before the Mast

Ryan Barnett – The Raftsmen

Tim Severin – The Brendan Voyage

Tami Oldham Ashcraft – Red Sky in Mourning

Kalee Thompson – Deadliest Sea

Kaci Cronkhite – Finding Pax

Mary Blewitt – Celestial Navigation for the Yachtsman

Bruce Bingham – The Sailor’s Sketchbook

Herb McCormick – One Island, One Ocean

Miles Smeeton – Once is Enough

Vito Dumas – Alone Through the Roaring Forties

John S. Letcher, Jr. – Self-Steering for Sailing Craft

Bill Belcher – Wind Vane Self-Steering – How to plan and make your own

Pacific Northwest Guide Books

Anne and Lawrence Yeadon-Jones – All Dreamspeaker Volumes

Dan Watmough – Cruising Guide to the West Coast of Vancouver Island

Elsie Hulsizer – Voyages to Windward

Peter Vassilopoulos – Anchorages and Marine Parks

Waggoner Cruising Guide

Not-so-Nautical Books

Bernard DeVoto – Across the Wide Missouri

Alec Wilkinson – The Ice Balloon

Michael Burleigh – Small Wars, Faraway Places

Martin, Baker, Hatch-Barnwell – Crossing the Congo

James G. McCurdy – On Juan De Fuca’s Strait


Roger DonaldsonThe World’s Fastest Indian (Not a nautical film, but the Resourceful Sailor loves Burt Monro’s spirit of bricolage.) 

Steve Wystrack – Manry at Sea: In the Wake of a Dream

John Laing – Abandoned

Jerry Rothwell – Deep Water

Keith F. CritchlowGhosts of Cape Horn 

Dominic JoyceBreskell

Capt. Irving JohnsonAround Cape Horn

2 Comments on “Adventure & Nautical Books & Movies

  1. How about “My Old Man and the Sea” by David & Daniel Hays, sailing around cape horn in a 25′ Vertue. I could write a thesis on that book I have it read it so often. Or “Kawabungas South Seas Adventures”, a Pacific circuit in a Flicka. Paul Howard wrote a good book “Still in the same boat” a family of four sailing around the world in a 30′ steel junk rig. There is just so many good books out there, I wish I lived in the states sometimes as these books are virtually given to you on ABE books


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