I am Captain Joshua Wheeler. I hold an Inland 50-Ton Master’s license with sail and towing endorsements and a Near Coastal OUPV license. I live aboard the Pacific Seacraft Flicka 20, Sampaguita, in the Washington Ship Canal in Ballard. I enjoy extended sailing expeditions and this site documents some of the explorations and adventures of the past few years.

If you are looking for info on how to cruise in comfort, speed, and style, you may be in the wrong place. While I do not feel uncomfortable, there are more challenges than most would tolerate living and travel on a small boat. With a hull speed of about 5.5 knots, speed means “how slow are we going?” As for style, that is a matter of perspective based on our values.

My reasoning to go small and make those sacrifices, was to gain the rewards of those sacrifices. I enjoy the challenge of sailing with less. A small boat sails more than a large boat in the NW. And there are the expenses, which are smaller too. When I was first introduced to sailing, it was in a very small boat. It was a minimalist and purist experience that I could relate to. If my first experiences were with a larger, high tech boat, it would not have had the same appeal. I would have seen the many expensive gadgets and thought, “this is unattainable for me.”

If you are still reading, there might be a romantic in you. That is easily cured. You will have your own story. If you are a Flicka owner, you definitely are a romantic, and this site might actually be relevant for you.

contact info: makefastmarlinspike@outlook.com




West Coast 2016

The Voyages of Sampaguita


Small Boats




Sucia Island


Sunsets and Whales

June 2015

Princess Louisa Inlet

JUNE 2017

June 2017


Gear & Maintenance





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  1. wow! Windward Pilgrim is pictured so nicely ! Have a good trip! -John Hazen


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