The Boat Yard – Day 1

This morning I had a haul-out for the Flicka scheduled at the Yard in Ballard at 9am. It started snowing at about 7pm last night and the temperature dropped below freezing overnight. I awoke this morning to an inch of snow at 27 degrees. The heat was on overnight so there was chunky layer of ice between the deck and the snow. I went and got some coffee and stopped by the boat yard to make sure we were still on. They were gung ho. The business must go on. So back to the boat for last minute preparations. Brush off the snow, pack for the day, throw out the garbage, start the motor. The motor started well enough though it took a bit extra time to warm up. I excused it. I warped the boat from the slip and made the short trip to the Yard. A bit of extra caution was needed walking on the decks with the remaining ice and snow, but our arrival was uneventful. I watched the yard hoist the boat out, took some pictures, talked to the yard manager and went to about my day. I would be awaiting an estimate for various requested items. More on that on a later time. Flicka 20 Travellift


Flicka 20

And Up Close

Flicka 20 Sling

Pressure Wash That Turns to Blue Ice 

Boat Yard

My View From the Veranda. Very Cold with a Halogen Glow. Surrounded by Fish Out of Water.

Flicka 20 Boat Yard

Little Boat in a Big Tent. Not Sure Why I Ended Up in Here. The Yard is Pretty Full. A Ladder to Board and Shore Power for the Heat.


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