The Boat Yard – Day 2-6

List of to-dos:


Day 2 – Inspect bottom, photos, future haul out to-dos list

Day 3 – Disassemble, Inspect, Reassemble Bow Platform, Bowsprit, Anchor Chafe Guards, Change Zinc on the rudder pintle

Day 4 – Disassemble, Inspect, Lubricate, Reassemble Seacocks, Inspect, Lubricate Motor Mount

Day 5 – Prep boat for floating

Day 6 – Check the through Hulls upon float and return to slip

The Yard

Day 2 –  Waterline – Strike and prep

Day 3 – Prep Bottom, 1 coat applied

Day 4 – 2nd coat applied

Day 5 – Boat moved and painted under blocks

Day 6 – Put the boat in the water


Flicka 20

Paint it Black. A different color is good for contrast against the undercoat.

Flicka 20

Alex doing touch ups.

Groco SV

The disassembled Galley Sink seacock. These are the inner working of the Groco SV seacock. I have disassembled and lubricated the three seacocks on the boat.

Groco SV

Just what it says. The plug and disc go in there.

Flicka 20

The step ladder to the right was helpful for inspecting the bowsprit to the left.

Flicka 20

From the starboard quarter.

Flicka 20

The Stern.


Flicka 20

Ready to float again.

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