Flicka 20 Vancouver Island Circumnavigation, May/June 2018

The circumnavigation of Vancouver Island is complete after 39 days and the return to the home port achieved. There are many boat chores to do, and the adjustment of re-entry into the world begins. I am fortunate that the systems worked and maintained well and the experience was positive.Vancouver Island

2018 Log


2018 VI TRIP $


The above list reflects the costs incurred during the trip. It does not include preparation, supplies and provisioning costs.

Gasoline – This was the greatest expense of the trip. Included was the purchase of a 5-liter jerry can in Port McNeill to increase reserve fuel. Gas in Canada is purchased by the liter and more costly than in the United States. In more remote Canadian locations, they round up to the liter and can sometimes run out of fuel. Canada no longer uses the penny, rounding your change down. Marine grade fuel is often available in Canada and the US.

Moorage – This includes 3 nights on Canadian Government Docks. This is a low amenity, value option not typically available in the US.

Entertainment – This mostly represents going to an establishment for a land meal and refreshments. However, the ventures were usually multi-purpose including internet access and communications, computer and electronics recharging, milestone celebrations and meeting up with friends.

Shower/ Laundry/ Propane/ Provisioning/ Garbage – Showers usually require a fee, though the cost and conditions can vary. Laundromats were available along the way with CA costs considerably more than US costs. I topped off my propane tank in Fair Harbour, for convenience, and to be sure I did not run out. I resupplied on fresh food in Port McNeill and locally grown kale at the Blind Channel Resort. The disposal of garbage can cost a fee, depending on where and how much.

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