The Pacific Seacraft Flicka – A Pocket Cruiser With A Lot Of Friends

This Pacific Seacraft Corporation of California promotional material was reprinted from Sea magazine, published September 1989, and written by Peter Bohr.

I received a folder of various Flicka 20 hard copy brochures and articles when I purchased Sampaguita, Hull #317 and this was included. In my reduction of paper storage, I have decided to preserve and share them digitally.

All Copyrights are retained by the original owners.

2 Comments on “The Pacific Seacraft Flicka – A Pocket Cruiser With A Lot Of Friends

  1. Josh, thanks for your informative blog. Question: have u ever used or seen storm sail on aft stay on Flicka or Dana-24. – instead of on mast – Thanks Jim S


    • Jim,
      I have not. Have you? I’m not sure I can yet imagine how that would be set up. Except maybe like a riding sail for at anchor. It might help weather cock the boat better for heaving to. I was speaking with Karen and Jim who sailed the Dana 24 Sockdolager to New Zealand from PT. They hove to with just the main, which is how I heave to on Sampaguita. They mentioned they had trouble keeping the boat weather cocked while riding out a gale off the US west coast. The boat would sometimes fall off in the troughs and not bring itself around quick enough on the crests. Other times and places it was fine.


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