Vancouver Island Wildlife

One of my wildlife viewing hopes came true on this trip. I was just getting settled at anchor in Klaskino Basin when the Walde’s came into the basin in their dinghy. “Josh, get your camera, there is a family of bears around the corner!” So I got my gear on, slipped into the dinghy with them and we watched three bears foraging for food along the shore. Sweet. When I left 2 days later, I saw another along Mocino Point.

Klaskino Inlet

The sea otter has made a good recovery on the West Coast of Vancouver. They can be seen floating on their backs, cracking open shells and eating over the entire range. I am told the crabbing industry has taken a hit as a result. I am not sure if that is because the otters are eating the crabs, or whether the crabs are protected for their food. They are pretty adorable when they are floating on their backs. With over 1 million hairs per square inch, their fur must be amazing.

Hot Springs Cove


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