Outboard Thermostats – An Open and Closed Case

I can’t thank Monica and the crew at ‘Lectronic Latitude enough for their support. They have done it again. On March 12, 2021, they published my latest Resourceful Sailor Series piece, Outboard Thermostats – An Open and Closed Case.

“There is a simple test to determine if a thermostat is opening and closing properly. Place it into boiling water. It should open in the water and close when removed.”

Click the link below for the full article:


2 Comments on “Outboard Thermostats – An Open and Closed Case

  1. Thanks once again for the great article Josh regarding outboard thermostats. I have a very similar Yamaha 8HP outboard on my Laguna 26. The identiplate was missing when I bought her, but I always assumed it was an F8MLH with an electric start option, but now I wonder if it’s not a T8ELH like yours. My prop is a 3 blade, 11.75 x 5.75 R and I’m not sure if that’s “high thrust” or not. Anyway, after reading your article, I went to boats.net and ordered a spare thermostat and gasket. What else is in your onboard spare parts kit besides spark plugs, fuel filter, impeller and thermostat?

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    • Jay, Thanks for reading and the kind words. I keep an extra prop on board. I keep a manual pull string on board. I keep spare zincs around too. And I keep extra garden hose gaskets which work with the flushing hose. I flush the motor after every use(when possible) which goes along way to keeping the passages clear of accumulated salt, which will do your thermostat a favor too. Thanks again.


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