Warping A Boat Around At The Dock

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According to Merriam-Webster’s online dictionary, the third entry defines ‘warp’ as to move (something, such as a ship) by hauling on a line attached to a fixed object.

Thanks to Monica and the crew at ‘Lectronic Latitude for publishing the latest installment of The Resourceful Sailor Series, Warping A Boat Around At The Dock, on April 14, 2021. It includes a video for the first time in RSS history!

For the full article and video, follow the link below to ‘Lectronic Latitude:


2 Comments on “Warping A Boat Around At The Dock

  1. Hey Josh! Great video! Do you suggest warping or hand-walking the boat out of the slip in doubtful times, lol…I have had a few bad experiences trying to back out, with my Yamaha 9.9 long shaft…to the point that I am wondering if tiller dynamics have changed! Push tiller one way, boat goes the way it should not..even when shift into forward after backing up, push tiller over & seriously…boat turned the same way as the tiller!! Some guy even hollers from the dock “tiller goes the other way”…omg, not, but my poor little Flicka seemed so confused, I aborted it all & put it in neutral & drifted back into my slip…i even killed the engine as I told Mr. Busy on the dock, “engine died”…said Pinocchio…

    Now, I am bow in, have quite a bit of room as everyone is away, but always way more worried about hitting one of the super expensive big boats with my little tank…& am now doing all my maintenance & little things like even shampooing upholstery to avoid going out…”there’s no wind”, “it might rain”…”eh, I have a few things to finish up”…”oh, i don’t have any provisions/water/extra fuel/jacklines setup”….etc!

    I have used my awesome engine for motoring whenever the strait was like glass…but for manoeuvring, it seems useless?!

    What is your suggestion, lol…I feel like I am writing to “Dear Abby”, 😀

    (thanks for all your great articles, by the way!!)


    • Don’t let it hold you back. If you can warp the boat around you can go out forwards. I do almost anything to not go backwards, though some spots are easy. The boat is small enough to guide around. Can you pivot the motor? That helps pull the boat in a direction you want. Also, pop it in and out of reverse and steer with the tiller. The motor off to the side and back messes with the water flow over the rudder. Back and fill won’t work. Practice.


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