Repairs and Maintenance

A new propane solenoid and rewired stern light. The project is not completely done in this picture but it is now. You can see the jug of distilled water as I was doing battery maintenance too.

Propane Solenoid

Here we have an auxiliary set up. This little 17 amp battery will charge my phone and other USB devices. It will also run the DC to AC power inverter if I need to charge the camera battery or VHF. It might not be so good for the Mac though. The solar panel isn’t much but I will use it to try to keep the battery topped up. These are all loaner items and the set-up will be ad hoc as opposed to well spec’d.

Battery solar panel

Here I added a Sta-Lok fitting to my starboard shroud. The T-bolt was bent so I sawed it off at the swage and replaced it with a new one and a toggle, which doubled as a spacer.  This was my first Sta-Lok installation and I feel good about the result. It was also an easy and inexpensive fix that I was able to manage at the dock.


This is the stern of the boat backed up to the dock. This is how I am able to remove the motor easily.

Motor Mount

I then take the motor to the storage unit where it is much easier to perform maintenance.

Yamaha 8 HPYamaha 8 HP

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