Pacific Seacraft Flicka 20 Plans

These Pacific Seacraft Flicka 20 plans are updated to various dates of 1983 by W.B. Luther.

CAUTION: I received these plans in oversize prints. I have then taken photos of these plans and provided them below. Due to the limitations of the process, they are not going to be perfectly accurate to scale.

These drawings first appeared in the September, 1980 issue of The Small Boat Journal as part of an article written by Bruce P. Bingham, the designer of the Flicka 20.

All Copyrights are retained by the original owners.

2 Comments on “Pacific Seacraft Flicka 20 Plans

  1. Hey Josh, Wow…just wow!  Thanks so much for sending these along!  I have become good friends with Bill Luther as Bill is the naval architect for the vessels at Los Angles Maritime Institute in San Pedro at mouth of Los angles harbor.  Bill has been working with me the past several years on the restoration of the late actor James Cagney’s one time personal yacht the topsail schooner SWIFT OF IPSWICH.  Also a joy reading your articles and watching your videos!

    Fair leads, Jamie


    • Thanks Jamie. I hope he’s OK with me posting them. I considered that, though I have no idea who he is (until now). I got the impression it was work for hire, for a version of the company that no longer exists, for a boat that no one is building anymore. They can be removed if he takes offense. And tell him thanks for me.


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