Sailing With Josh


Oh Joe. Before you owned a sailboat, you had adventures in a 1960s, Grumman, aluminum canoe, named Different Drummer. You didn’t live on it (hmmm? there’s a thought) but rather, carried it around on your Toyota pick-up (and later a Subaru wagon) and launched it from there. One particular day, early in your Seattle phase, you did just that. As a soloist, you used a canoe more like a kayak. You sat in… Read More

Oh Joe, you’ve never launched a boat from a trailer, but you have witnessed it being done many times. You are not an expert to give advice on the subject, but as a “lookie-loo” you have seen a thing or two. You do know the procedure involves special knowledge which anyone attempting should consider. Here is an example. One spring day, having just hand launched your old Grumman canoe on Lake Washington… Read More