The Northwest Passage 2022: Details For Following Sailing With Josh

The 2022 expedition I have joined through the Northwest Passage this summer is about to get underway. If successful, it will be my second transit. The first in 2019 was east to west. This second attempt will be west to east.

Leaving from Anacortes, WA, it will be quite some time before we reach the Bering Strait, the actual beginning of the Passage, with a hopeful arrival to France in September.

If you have interest in following Sailing With Josh’s progress, there are a few ways to do so.

  1. This website —- When internet access and time permits, I will be posting here. —
  2. Mapshare —- via the inReach —-
  3. Facebook —- via the inReach (with a link to Mapshare)—-
  4. Twitter —- via the inReach (same as Facebook) —-
  5. Instagram —- A Local Sailor will post pictures here when internet and time permits. —-

Thank you for your support and for following Sailing With Josh. I hope you have a great summer.

Fair Winds,

Joshua Wheeler

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