Sailing With Josh


‘Lectronic Latitude, Latitude 38, and Monica Grant did it again. They published another Resourceful Sailor Series piece on April 17, 2023 called The Resourceful Sailor Battens Down The Hatches. It’s about replacing the cockpit sole engine lid gasket on Sampaguita, a Pacific Seacraft Flicka 20.

Another Resourceful Sailor Series article dropped on Latitude 38‘s online magazine, ‘Lectronic Latitude, on August 5th while I was away transiting the Northwest Passage aboard S/V Breskell. It’s called Sacrificial Sliding Hatch. It’s about a quick fix (band-aid) for the erosion that can occur on a Flicka 20 hatch over the decades. Thanks to Tim Henry for the publication(his name mistakenly appears as the author.) Click Here for a link to the article.  … Read More