Keep The Stern Light in Sight

When you buy a used boat, you also buy a previous owner’s modifications. Sometimes these are desirable and sometimes less so. For example, the conversion of Sampaguita’s galley stove from alcohol fuel to propane was a win. But the push-pit mounted LPG tank blocked the visibility of the stern light. Correcting this seemed proper. This Resourceful Sailor Series article explains how I did that.

Thanks AGAIN to Monica and the crew at ‘Lectronic Latitude for publishing Keep The Stern Light in Sight on February 5th, 2021. Also, for their continued support in these trying times.

Click the link below for the article:

2 Comments on “Keep The Stern Light in Sight

  1. Just to be clear…I bought the boat with that propane mount, and was too lazy to change it. Well done!


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