Make Fast Marlinspike

to make fast  – to firmly secure a line







Thank you for stopping by. I made my first key chain 8 years ago when I first moved on to a Columbia 26 because I was afraid of dropping my keeps into the water. While it certainly is quite aged looking now, I still use it and it is still very reliable. Tiger the Rhodesian Ridgeback, Edi the Lucky and Sharky the Pitbull are also Make Fast Marlinspike users. Don’t they look salty?


Here are a new key chain, a special order lanyard with a Harken shackle for the client’s ID badge, and a gift for a friend.

I start with high-quality line which is then hand spliced at the business ends with snaps, rings or itself to create a comfortable, strong and durable item.

How about a custom order to fit your size and style? Select the rope, select the length and select the snaps.

Send me an email –

You can use and show a Make Fast Marlinspike item with pride, knowing it is created in an authentic nautical tradition.

Make Fast Marlinspike items are handmade using modern marine rope, marine grade hardware, and traditional splicing techniques. Their elegance comes from their traditional construction and the use of authentic marine supplies. In the marine industry you make a splice to last the life of the rope, then you work that rope. It serves a purpose.

The Made in the USA marine rope is typically nylon or polyester, which means it dries quickly and is very strong and durable. Marine grade hardware means corrosion resistant stainless steel alloy, bronze or brass. The hardware, like the rope, is designed to be working hardware and to endure the harsh marine environment.

Traditional splicing techniques assure strong hardware connections, nearly as strong as the rope.  Since the ropes are synthetic, cuts are made with a hot knife, melting the ends and keeping them from fraying. Depending on your order, you may these ends on your item, just as you would see them on a working boat. There is no glue and no weak and hidden clasps. If heat shrink is added it is both structural and for branding. The logo can be left off if that is not your thing. Just request it on order.

The 3-strand nylon rope comes in white or black. Its advantage is value, suppleness, and elasticity. For these reasons, it is often used for dock lines or anchor rodes, absorbing the shock loads and protecting your fittings. The 3-strand polyester rope comes in white or “vintage” beige. This rope is UV resistant and elastic and is often used on traditional boats and dinghies. The “vintage” beige rope simulates traditional hemp rope but is stronger and more durable. The double braided rope comes in various colors. Let me know what color you hope to get and I will see what is available. at the time.

Items are shipped USPS 1st Class unless otherwise arranged.

Some Examples:






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  1. This is John Hazen aboard Windward Pilgrim. We must’ve met. I enjoyed your article in the mag.


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