Gofundme for the Northwest Passage 2019


I have read so many stories and dreamed about it. Now I am actually getting the opportunity! I have been asked to help deliver S/V Breskell from St. John’s in Newfoundland, Canada to Port Hadlock in Washington, USA via the Northwest Passage with Olivier Huin. In the words of Olivier, “Witness the fabled Northwest Passage from the deck of a wooden sailboat and document the effects of global warming on the Arctic.”
I will be traveling to St John’s on June 25th to help prep the boat, with a planned departure date of July 10, 2019. If Breskell cannot get through the Passage this summer due to ice, then plan B is to deliver the boat by way of the Panama Canal. For this reason, the voyage could last between three and six months.
This is not a ‘for hire’ situation and requires contributions to the boat, airfare to Newfoundland, safety and foul weather gear, reporting gear such as a GoPro camera and internet, daily expenses, and the unexpected. There will also be expenditures for my Seattle home base.
This is a ‘once in a lifetime’ opportunity, and I would be very grateful for any financial support that could be offered. I intend to photograph and write about the experience and to share these through Sailing With Josh. I will also submit articles for consideration in various sailing publications.
More information about me is available on Sailing With Josh and more information on S/V Breskell can be found here:
S/V Breskell 
If your preference is to support Olivier and the vessel itself, he has a fundraiser too:
Gofundme – Breskell
I am very excited about this expedition and in awe that I have been selected. My expenses will be far more than I could expect to be able to fundraise. Any financial support would be very welcome, appreciated, and judiciously applied. If verbal encouragement is all you can offer, that would be fantastic too. Either way, I hope to offer a worthy account of the voyage.

Thank you.