Cockpit Sole

I replaced the neoprene/epdm seal on the removable cockpit sole lid. This lid exists to access the inboard motor of Pacific Seacraft sailboats. Since I have an outboard, this space is for storage. The previous neoprene seal was completely compressed and the lid was bottoming out on the base.  I replaced the seal with a 1″ wide and 3/8″ thick neoprene /epdm blend strip, which is about as thick as I could go and still bolt the lid on. Finding the right seal was a challenge. Most ship-chandlers don’t seam to stock a diverse supply of neoprene hatch tape. However, there is a local supplier/wholesaler here in Ballard called Gardico and they were able to supply me with exactly what I need. The crux, of course, was I needed to buy 50′ of it. I only needed 10′. The adhesive only has a shelf life of one year before it specs out, but I am hoping for longer since I have a lifetime supply. I bet it will be fine for my purposes with no sheer. It’s just under $1 per foot, so it’s OK. The project took a couple hours with most of the time going towards scraping off the old seal with a putty knife and cleaning the surface for proper adhesion. The seal was backed with adhesive tape and took about 5-10 minutes to apply.

Flicka 20 inboard Engine Space

Flicka 20 Inboard Engine SpaceCockpit Sole

2 Comments on “Cockpit Sole

  1. Hi Josh: I’ll buy some from you. Let me get the length and get back to you, because I need to look at the lazarette and forward hatch cover too.

    if you plan on coming up this way, just bring it along.

    Thanks, John s/v Pingouin Friday Harbor, WA (360) 378-4483 (H)


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